Yoga Mat Reimagined

Natural cork yoga mats made from breathtakingly soft Portuguese cork & grounding tree rubber for an other-worldly experience. 

Yoga Reimagined

Sustainable cork yoga mats made from breathtakingly soft Portuguese cork & grounding tree rubber.



Sustainable Cork & Natural Rubber

We Plant Trees

10 Trees For Every Mat We Make

Earth Friendly

Biodegradable Packaging & Materials

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Your Natural Yoga Space

Designed from the ground up to make yoga more enjoyable, more rewarding and more fun.

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Truly Grounding

The strong durable construction lays flat without any corner rolling or sliding. A high-density cushioned base provides a sturdy, grounded feeling (like a mouse sleeping inside a pita-bread). 

While the floor-facing textured grip pattern holds the mat, even on a polished wood floor or a vaseline slide.

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Made from Sustainable Cork

Cork is a natural raw material (no, not edible) which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. Our cork bark is sustainably harvested in Portugal from the Cork Oak Tree without harming or cutting down any trees – that regularly grow to the wise old age of 300 years.  

Simple Choices

Sturdy, grounding and incredible padding (Pro) or Lightweight, active and direct feedback (Nomad)

cork yoga mat

Pro Cork Yoga Mat

Sturdy, grounding and incredible padding (4mm)
nomad cork yoga mat

Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

Lightweight, active and direct feedback (2mm)

Cork Yoga Block

Maintain stability and support your practice through new movements.

cork massage ball

Cork Massage Ball

Massage pressure points on your body & melt away knotted fibres. 

We Plant 10 New Trees For Every Mat We Make.

In partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project.

Explore Cork

Cork is a hard-wearing & non-sticky surface that becomes grippier the wetter it gets. Try cork and your practice will never be the same again.

“I founded Cork Space to make beautiful natural yoga tools that completely transform your experience”

Jyoti Naylor


Dune Jumping in Tarifa, Spain

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