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Cork Yoga Block

Cork Yoga Block

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These natural cork yoga blocks are perfectly weighted and made entirely from sustainable Portuguese cork. The ultimate yoga tool to support your posture and stretching exercises - from down-dog to crow. 

    Cork Yoga Blocks are a step above their foam counterparts. Cork is tough and robust, able to confidently support your weight across all poses. They provide excellent grip and a beautiful natural texture. 

    Cork is non-allergenic, anti-fungal, antibacterial. The world's most sustainable block - every purchase plants 1 tree. 

    Why we love them:

    • Rounded Edges For Ease And Grip Comfort
    • Made From 100% Premium Cork
    • Grippy, Antimicrobial & Sweat Proof
    • Classic size: 640gm & 23x12x7.5cm
    • Fast Delivery (1-3 Days)
    • In Stock & Ships From London
    • Plastic-free packaging
    • Every Block Plants 1 Tree

    Sold individually or in pairs (recommended).

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews

    Great yoga block. And won’t trash the planet at the end of its useful life.

    Fran Watkins
    Confidence altering!

    Very much enjoying using the cork blocks for yoga practice. Their solidness but suede like feel make them very comfortable. the non slip surface gives confidence when moving through yoga moves. Thank you so much.

    Cork Yoga Blocks

    I am really enjoying using my cork yoga blocks! They are very different to what I am used to, I used to have the soft foamy type. The cork ones are much harder than the foam style yoga blocks and because of this I find that they don’t feel like they will roll over or squish down with my weight, and they feel much more stable in poses like Triangle. It feels much more like you have brought the floor up, rather than adding in a foamy, wobbly block. I noticed the hardness of the cork block when I rested my forehead down in Child’s pose and Pigeon pose, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, my head just didn’t sink down as it did before with foam blocks. The cork blocks are much heavier than the foam style blocks, which is not a problem for me, but they will make your bag a lot heavier for going back and fore to class. They are a little bit smaller than the foam blocks, but I prefer this and I think the smaller size is much neater and actually works better. They are less of a handful than the foam ones and I actually use them much more in class now, I can easily grab them, where the foam ones felt a bit big and clumsy for me as I have quite small hands. I really love these blocks and I definitely prefer cork to foam, and I wouldn’t go back to foam now. I keep my old foam ones in my car as spares, just incase anyone forgets theirs and wants to borrow them in class!

    Kathy Beirne
    Didn't receive order

    The blocks never delivered :(

    Carolyn F.

    Beautiful mats. Soft silky texture under the feet. Grippy and slidey!
    I bought the travel mat and it is light but also still comfortable on hard floors.
    Highly recommend.

    Kate N.

    Perfect yoga block......and not made of plastic!!

    Matt S.

    Arrived on time, great quality and perfect sizes.

    Sandra E.

    Well made but not as big as I exoected