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Cork Yoga Block

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Natural cork yoga block, to help and aid in posture and stretching exercises. Much-loved classic size of 23cm x 12cm x 7.5cm with a weight 640gm.

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  • Perfect Weight & Beautiful Texture.
  • Rounded Edges for Ease and Grip Comfort.
  • Made from Natural Sustainable Cork.
  • Grippy, Antimicrobial and Sweat Proof.
  • Fast & Free Delivery in 48 hours.
  • Love it Or Return It – 90 Day Trial.
pro cork yoga mat
pro cork yoga mat

Why Use Cork Blocks?

Elevate Your Practice & Support Your Journey

Cork Yoga Blocks are a step above their foam counterparts. 

Cork is tough and robust, able to confidentally support your weight across all poses. They provide excellent grip and a beautiful natural texture. 

Cork is non-allergenic, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-static which is a highly renewable, biodegradable and recyclable resource. 

Our cork blocks have tapered edges and are made from 100% cork. No plastic wrapper in sight.



Sustainable Cork & Natural Rubber


We Plant Trees

10 Trees For Every Mat We Make


Earth Friendly

Biodegradable Packaging & Materials

cork trees

Made from Sustainable Cork

Cork is a natural raw material (no, not edible) which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. Our cork bark is sustainably harvested in Portugal from the Cork Oak Tree without harming or cutting down any trees – that regularly grow to the wise old age of 300 years.  

Happy Yogis Enjoying cork Blocks

REAL reviews by yogis of all levels, ages and styles from across the UK and Europe enjoying beautiful cork to support them on their journey. 

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Cork Yoga Block