Become a Cork Space™ Brand Ambassador

We're currently looking for brand ambassadors for Cork Space.

We're on a mission to connect yogis with beautiful, sustainable and natural yoga products. 

Are you a blogger, influencer, yoga teacher or someone who is passionate about sustainability, minimalism..?

Ambassador Benefits 

Ambassadors will be rewarded with free merchandise, a sample of every new product we bring out and paid 20% commission on every successful referral.

1. We'll give you a unique link: that you can use and 5%,10% & 15% discount codes to share with your followers. 

2. Anyone who makes a purchase and uses your discount code, we'll pass on 20% commission of the total sale amount to your account. 

3. We'll pay you once your account reaches £60 & every 60 days thereafter. No minimum or maximum referral limit. 

We're a small startup with a big goals, our yogi ambassadors will be rewarded with more and more support as we grow and reach new people.

If you're interested in joining us -use the form below to tell us a little about yourself and we'll be in touch. 

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