Why Cork Makes the Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Why Cork Makes the Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat

By choosing a cork yoga mat you are not supporting the negative environmental impact that other traditional yoga mat materials are creating.

Most yoga mats are made from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. PVC is a petrochemical product that requires heavy processing from beginning to end. This manufacturing process is highly dependant on fossil fuels which as we know, are not good for our environment.

Cork is Environmentally Friendly

Not only is the depletion of fossil fuels an issue but PVC yoga mats also contribute to the overwhelming issue of plastic waste in our oceans.

Cork on the other hand is a sustainable carbon neutral material which can be harvested from cork oak trees without even cutting down or damaging the tree. Cork is also biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.   

A plastic yoga mat may be cheaper but it costs a tremendous amount to our planet. While a cork mat will make it’s way back to nature; a plastic yoga mat will be around long after you’re done with it.

Cork is Better For Your Health

An unfortunate reality of living in the world of today is that we are exposed to an endless amount of toxins and chemicals that are having adverse effects on our health and well-being. From environmental pollutants in the air to chemicals in our food and beauty products, it’s not easy to avoid exposure to these nasty chemicals.

 A yoga mat touches every part of your skin and we often have our face and mouths very close to it as we breath. Therefore isn’t it better to relax, unwind, and cozy upto a natural, chemical- free product?

Cork is Self-Cleaning

It’s impossible to avoid pressing your nose into a yoga mat in most yoga classes, which is why everyone can appreciate a self-cleaning yoga mat!

Traditional mat materials tend to absorb sweat and bacteria meaning that they need constant spraying, cleaning, and wiping.

Cork contains a phenolics compound which kills bacteria resulting in a fresh and clean mat.

Cork is a Better Investment for Your Budget

While it can be temping to buy a cheaper yoga mat in the beginning, they simply cannot stand the test of time. After time we begin to find rolling edges, sweat soaked material, and unsightly, ripped mats which brings us back to the store for another one.

Cork mats may be more expensive than other materials but they are a wise one-off investment.

It’s better for the environment and pocket to buy one good cork mat over three inferior ones.

Cork is Stylish and Practical 

Simply put, a cork mat looks good! Cork conjugates images and senses associated with woodlands and nature, all compliant with a great yoga practice. Standing on a cork mat brings you a little bit  further away from the studio and back into the natural world.

Not only does a cork mat look good, but it’s also practical. Cork is perfect for all climates and yoga styles and spaces, it’s non-slip, durable, and densely cushioned to help you feel safe and supported during your practice.

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