Why Choose Cork Space?

1. How Our Mats Are Made

Simplicity lies at the heart of our yoga mat. The union of two incredible trees for a radically different approach. We start at the bottom with our natural vulcanised rubber for a truly grounding and supportive base layer.

Sourced in Vietnam from the tree sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. Grip ridges line the floor-facing side so your mat stays firmly in place, even on the most polished wood floors. A weighty rubber layer prevents corner rolling, sliding and offers protective & firm cushioning for your joints, no matter how demanding your yoga practice gets. Once your try rubber, you’ll see how different it feels to a typical plastic or TPE yoga mat.

Above the rubber sits our precision heat moulded cork layer. Thousands of pieces of soft cork compressed onto the rubber base through heat and pressure alone – no harmful glues or chemicals.

2. How Our Mats Feel

The thin layer of cork transforms the Cork Space mat from a ‘great rubber mat’ to a pro-level ‘wow yoga mat’. The cork provides a beautiful natural surface that’s velvety soft to the touch and assuringly slip free to a firm finger and toe placement.

Add water (or plenty of bodily sweat) and the cork yoga mat comes into a category of its own. As the cork cells come into contact with water, corks becomes waxy and grippy. Saving you from unwanted slips, abrasions and continuously reaching for that sweat towel.

Now you can sweat all over your yoga mat without worrying about slipping or losing grip. Finally, you can go to a hot yoga class without the need to to cover your mat with a king size towel and wipe your self down every few minutes.

3. Our Commitment to Sustainability

Relax into your postures, stay aligned and feel safe. Breathe. Push boundaries and explore new movements. Cork Space is more than a yoga mat company, we are a tribe of free spirited yogis that care about sustainability and the future of our planet.

We’re committed to sustainability and all our mats are shipped with no plastic wrapping and use recycled paper along with cardboard packaging. We then plant 10 trees on your behalf for every single mat sold.

4. Our Groundbreaking Yogi Promise


We understand buying a premium yoga mat is an investment and it can be difficult to make a decision without touching or trying the cork and how it feels for your practice. You can read all the reviews and blogs you like but until you see it in person, it can be difficult to make the final purchase decision. I mean, really you might be thinking, how good can a cork yoga mat be?

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a new yogi on the block, you still might not have had a chance to try a quality yoga mat and your could still be in the dark as to what’s amiss. The truth is, you don’t need a yoga mat to practice yoga. A yoga mat is simply a tool, a tool that could make the difference between giving up your dusty studio membership or starting a daily practice.

The more rewarding your yoga becomes, the more chance you have of starting a regular ritual of daily movement. And that can only be good for your mental and physical health.

For this reason we’re excited to offer a groundbreaking free 100 day trial. It’s our yogic ‘love it or return it’ promise. Use your Cork Space yoga mat for a full 3 months and if you’re not in love, send it back and we’ll refund you in full the day we receive it. No questions asked. How could it get better right? That way all the risk is on us, and you’re covered either way.

5. The Future of Yoga is Here

What’s powerful about cork is that it is naturally antimicrobial: it contains compounds called phenolics which kills odour producing bacteria and fungus. This makes cork great for hot yoga for use in a shared studio setting where hygiene becomes more important.

If you’re looking for an eco yoga mat that performs better, feels wonderful to the touch and brings a smile to your face every-time you roll it out – then Cork Space is for you.

“The very heart of yoga practice is ‘abyhasa’ – steady effort in the direction you want to go.” –Sally Kempton

So here’s to you and your path forward,

Yours sincerely,

Jyoti Naylor
Cork Space Founder