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When the chest is open the mind is open. Every emotion you feel manifests itself here, right in the centre of your chest. By opening the chest we are able to release what we do not choose to hold onto, and embrace that which we do. Side note: there are lots of accessible chest openers in yoga. This pose shown is not easily accessible for all, but this is Instagram!!! I have a slight hyper mobile back which means this pose is simple for me (also means other postures are more difficult for me!) Find what feels good for your body, accessible, allows you to breath deeply. Open your chest and everything else will follow. 🙏 ________________________ #chestopener #heartopener #backbending #urdhvadhanurasana #backbend #northernyogi #wheelpose #gymnastics #yogamanchester #yogablog #findwhatfeelsgood #yogaforeveryone

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