Yoga teachers review the Cork Space yoga mat

Here is a growing list of yoga teachers across the UK and beyond who have tried and tested our cork yoga mat and written up a blog piece about their experiences. Their honest thoughts and feelings about using cork on the frontlines of yoga.

Tammy Mitchell

📍Brighton, UK


"trialling out the wonderful CorkSpace yoga mat. It can withstand any kind of yoga flow requirement! Good grip for balance, smooth for transitions and and dense and supportive for joints!..."

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Sophie Dear

📍London, UK


"This mat really surprised me by how grippy it was – when I practiced on it I was EXTREMELY sweaty!  I am one of those people who sweats buckets in an unheated class let alone a mildly heated one so this is always hugely important to me."

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Sarah Later

📍Manchester, UK


"I got through a full practice on the Cork Space yoga mat with no slips and no slides. I felt rooted in my standing sequence and supported in my seated sequence. It was beautiful, both the practice and the yoga mat."

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📍Oakham, UK


"..what I love most is that the mat feels warm to the touch, and very velvety. It’s super comfortable, and I have loved it for my head balance practice at the studio where the floors are quite hard..."

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