How Flexible is Cork

The cork layer is made from tiny bits of compressed cork pieces bonded to a rubber base, this makes the mat super flexible across uneven ground and easy to roll up.

Why Choose Cork Space over Cheaper Alternatives?

Although at first glance they may appear similar, cheaper cork mats that use TPE or PER as they base are not as durable or sustainable. Poorer quality cork can also be more prone to chipping off.  Many wonder why they didn’t invest in a better mat (that makes them smile every time) years ago.

Is Cork Sustainable?

Cork come from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree in Portugal – a protected species that is never cut down. Demand for cork provides much needed investment in the industry, providing jobs and supporting the local economy. The harvesting of cork is a sustainable practice. While cork bark is regrowing, the trees suck up even more CO2 from the surrounding environment which helps combat global warming.

Suitable for Hot Yoga?

Yes – absolutely. It can handle any amount of sweat you can throw at it. Just lay it out flat to dry when you’re home. 

How Long is Delivery?

Free tracked courier delivery included with every order (1-3 Working Days).  We aim to ship all orders out in working day. Learn More

What is Your Gurarantee?

Love it or return it within 90 days for a full refund (excluding return shipping), Learn more.

Do You Have Care Instructions?

While the mat is strong and durable, here’s how to keep it in tip-top condition:

  • Avoid folding or creasing, roll cork side facing out.
  • Always use with clean feet & hands, no shoes.
  • When wet lay flat to dry (when you’re home).
  • Once a month (or after a very heavy session) wipe your mat with a soft wet cloth (use half white vinegar / half hot water)  to remove oils and dirt.
  • As an all-natural product, it’s normal for cork to change colour over time.

What styles of yoga is Cork Space suited to?

It can be used with any style of yoga. Practitioners of restorative, meditation or yin yoga styles particularly love our thicker Pro while more active vinyasa practitioners love the Nomad.

What is the difference between Pro & Nomad

Our Nomad cork yoga mat is a thinner and lighter cousin to our original Pro. 

The Nomad has the exact same dimensions and materials but sits on half the thickness of rubber -2mm for a active, and direct experience in a lightweight package for travel and studio commutes.

The Pro offers more padding and protection for knobbly knees, on a sturdy 4mm base of rubber.

Sturdy, grounding and incredible padding (4mm) OR Lightweight, active and powerful feedback (2mm).

Pro (4mm)Nomad (2mm)
More Padding & ProtectionDirect & Minimalist Feel
Weighty – Studio & HomeLighter – Portable & Travel
183cm x 61cm183cm x 61cm
4mm rubber + 0.5mm cork2mm rubber + 0.5mm cork
2.6kg1.55kg (50% Lighter)
Protective Practice i.e HathaActive Yoga Practice i.e Vinyasa

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