The Uncomfortable Truth about your Plastic Yoga Mat

The majority of the worlds yoga mats are made from mass-produced throw-away plastics like PVC – polyvinyl chloride. They’re cheap and easy to come by, but are they compatible with the ethos and demands of yoga?Unfortunately, plastic and pollutants are hard to avoid nowadays. Some we turn a blind eye to, while others we press […]

Why Yoga is Neither Aerobic or Anaerobic


Much of the practice of yoga is about awareness of breath and breathing. But does that make it an aerobic or anaerobic exercise? To answer this question, we need to explain what makes an activity aerobic or anaerobic. Then we’ll tell you why yoga doesn’t quite fit into either of these two definitions. Yoga is […]

How to Choose The Right Yoga Mat Thickness (2mm vs 4mm)

cork space down roll

Do two millimeters make a difference when it comes to yoga mats? Standard yoga mats have a thickness of 4mm but they can also come in thicker varieties. Others prefer mats that are 2mm or thinner. The right yoga mat thickness depends on the type of yoga you practice, your physical health, and your lifestyle. […]

Cork Yoga Blocks Vs Foam – The Key Difference Compared

cork yoga block

After a yoga mat, yoga blocks are usually the next prop that yoga practitioners buy. Most blocks are made of either foam or cork, but which material is better? Here’s everything you need to know about the difference between cork and foam yoga blocks so you can decide which one is right for you. The […]

How is Cork Harvested?

cork bark

Ever considered where cork from your wine bottle, your bulletin board or cork yoga mat comes from? Read on to find out more about the harvesting process of this fantastic sustainable material. Cork is a bark found on the Cork Oak tree. It is harvested using ancient techniques from highly specialized harvesters using only axes […]

Are Cork Yoga Mats Biodegradable?

cork yoga

Have you ever wondered how eco-friendly your cork yoga mat really is? Many yoga practitioners are turning away from cheap mass-produced yoga mats which are harmful to the environment and human health and opting for more environmentally sustainable options like cork – but is it biodegradable and compostable? Yes, Cork is biodegradable but it can […]